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Dec 18 Inclement Climate Job Market News
Dec 18 Are you on career suicide watch? Jane Barrett

Top five tips on managing a successful career change

Dec 18 Working Mums Rely On Grandparents For Childcare Human Resource Management (HRM)
Dec 18 Women in private sector feel greater sense of loyalty to employers than men Joe Williams

Research has suggested that women are more likely to feel a sense of loyalty to their employers.

Dec 18 Positive discrimination for women but U-turn over plans to force employers to disclose gender pay differences Peter Crush

Equal pay groups are said to be "dismayed" at the Government's U-turn changing its original plan to force companies to disclose their gender pay difference. Now they will only make such requirements voluntary from 2013.

Dec 18 Employment falls as public sector savings reduce staff numbers Joe Williams

The Office of National Statistics has issued data that show that employment fell 33,000 between August and October.

Dec 18 Perception of managers among UK workers improves since 2009 Joe Williams

Despite difficult economic circumstances, line managers were perceived more positively in 2010 than last year, according to HR consultancy ETS.

Dec 18 Wages increase at half the rate during 2010 Joe Williams

Figures released today have suggested that average pay has increased at half the rate in 2010 compared to 2009 in both public and private sectors.

Dec 18 Employee surveys: everyone wants a positive review but are we asking leading questions to get one? Dr Phillip Garland

It is human nature to want to be perceived in a favourable light, whether by colleagues, customers, employees, and most certainly by bosses. It's therefore important to understand what our biases might be when developing a survey.

Dec 18 Raising retirement age leads to career concerns in employees aged over 45 Joe Williams

Proposals to raise the retirement age are fueling fears that employees over 45 will become more vulnerable to redundancy, research has suggested.