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FREE Latest Jobs Notification software from Diamond 4 jobs

by Diamond 4 jobs - 08/05/2010
"The latest jobs notifier is a tool that enables users to be alerted to new jobs posted on the site without having to search." Latest Jobs Notifier.

The latest jobs notifier is a tool that enables users to be alerted to new jobs posted on the site. The software is small and lightweight and can run on any windows PC running .net framework 2.0 or higher

Download Link:


Application Guide:

1: Once the software is installed and running it will minimize to the system tray as shown in the following image (images taken on windows 7)

2: Right or left clicking on the highlighted Icon will present you with the following menu options:


2a: Exit: this fully closes the application and removes the icon from the system tray

2b: About: this will show the following window with information about the software and how to report any issues:


2c: Start with Windows: selecting this item will check or uncheck the option, while checked the software will create a startup entry to the windows registry; which will cause the software to automatically run on windows startup. Unchecking the option will remove the startup entry and the application will have to be manually started.

2d: Check Jobs: This allows you to force the application to check for jobs, this will then present you with the following notification box:


Selecting Check Jobs will keep the Notifier open until you close it via the green minimise button [top right], clicking the logo will launch your default browser to the hompage. Selecting the red close Icon will close the notification. Selecting the left / right buttons will navigate you through the last 25 jobs. Selecting the Title will launch your default browser to this job on, if you wish to see more details 1st select the more details check box at which point you will see the following form:

more details

From here you are also able to select the link at the bottom to goto the job and apply online. Unchecking more details will return the notification to its previous state.

This application does not require or store any user information, the application will only be distributed from diamond4jobs. If you find this elsewhere please do not download, the application merely runs in the system tray and makes periodic checks to the following URL:

At launch the software builds an internal list of the item information taken from the above URL, a comparison is then periodically checked against this list; if the software detects jobs have been added or removed the internal list is updated and you are notified with the above notifications.

If you have any questions or find any issues with this software please report these to the following email:

Thankyou for your support from the team.

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More Details: