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UK job market to flourish within the year

by - 25/07/2013
Bdaily speaks to specialist recruiter Daniel Younger, founder of CY Partners to see where he believes the UK job market will flourish in the next 6-12 months.

Jobs continue to be shed from the public sector, with employment reported to be down by 22,000 in the last three months, however, there is an ever-expanding private sector that created 46,000 additional jobs in the same time period.

Obviously, some industries are affected more than others during a recession, and while some have been hard hit, others industries are still experiencing growth, some at a rapid rate. Although overall, there is still a bleak outlook in the job market, amplified further by the ongoing media reports, there are still certain area’s defying the odds and thriving during these tough economic times.

It is no surprise that one of the fastest growing areas of employment in recent years relates to computer technology. Technology evolves at a frightening pace and those who anticipate the applications of it may be the next big winners. The continued integration of IT and digital communications into many workplaces throughout the private, public and voluntary sectors ensures that this trend will continue for some time.

Due to the technology and emerging technology arenas being the fastest growing sectors, graduates should definitely consider this industry as a future career not only for the experience of working in a thriving, fast-paced environment but also for long-term success. Roles such as: systems analysts, web designers and developers, computer programmers, software developers, consultants and information managers reflect the range of careers within the digital and technology sectors. Even more complex roles such as hardware engineers are also needed not only the UK but throughout the world. These roles involve working in infrastructure, construction and repair, fibre, cable, satellites, etc.

Due to the technology sector crying out for skilled individuals and the nature of technological jobs, these roles are highly desirable to new graduates. Nearly all software engineers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, while knowledge and experience with computers is essential to enter the field. However, as a specialist technology recruiter, there have been noticeable changes in recruitment trends in the past year. The time required to fill technology positions has changed dramatically, some companies are growing too quickly so need extra resources immediately, and if businesses try to find candidates without help, often there is an inability to find qualified applicants. Employers that are waiting for "the perfect match" should seek out professional help. Not only will this aid the hunt for that ideal person but will also free up time to concentrate on existing business issues.

Another observation within the technological sector is that there is no haste for experienced and qualified technology professionals to move on in their careers. As the technology industry expands and jobs are created candidates are in a strong position to ask for more money, choose the best options to suit their lifestyles and make the right move – they effectively become the controller.

After the peak of the financial crisis, the technology profession continues to rebuild itself. The job growth rate might be modest compared to prerecession numbers, but hiring is increasing, salaries are up, and long-term job prospects look good.

Thousands of start-ups have grown into successful enterprises during recessionary times.

However, for every company likely to recruit technological staff in the second half of 2013, there’s another company saying it’s not looking to grow their technology workforce in the immediate future. So, there will be good job opportunities and there will be hiring, but expect a steady growth.

Aside from technology, the science sector is also deemed to be an area with a ‘hot’ future when it comes to career prospects and progression, the “bio” sciences, such as biotechnology is particularly popular. Tissue engineers and gene programmers have been highlighted as the top searched for positions, but all skill levels are included for example, administrative roles. Other new scientific areas include nanotechnology and energy technology.

The job market for technology professionals has been a bright spot amid what economic-types typically have termed a “modest recovery”. And the changing world of technology constantly helps to conceive entirely new sub-sectors. It is some of these that promise to be the Mother of the world’s next generation of multibillion pound businesses. This industry will continue to expand as long as computer networking continues to grow, and businesses keep trying to be efficient by utilising new technologies.
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